kendra & nick | vintage travel engagement session

Kendra and Nick both live in Germany and both share a love of traveling, while Nick has his pilot’s license and a passion for aircraft after all those hours spent up in the sky…so these two couldn’t have chosen a more perfect theme for their wedding and engagement session than ‘vintage travel.’ I always love it when a couple use their engagement session to show who they are and what they’re interested in, and Kendra and Nick did an amazing job doing just that by choosing an airport as the location for the engagement photos. Once we got there, Nick helped tow his favorite plane into place, and then we had the best time running all around this lovely little airstrip in the countryside filled with old prop planes and helicopters. I loved that Kendra brought along some beautiful vintage suitcases and that we had airplanes taking off and landing all around us while I captured these two in love. I’m beyond excited to see their vintage travel theme continued at their wedding at Rancho Soquel later this summer, because I know it will be as personal, unique and super fun as their engagement session was!



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