CARLIE // My infatuation with photography began with my first backpacking trip to Tasmania when I was a teenager growing up in Australia. I fell in love with the process of slowing down to frame and focus on anything that captivated me, and it seemed magical to me that these tangible photographs somehow added an intangible reverence to that trip. That adventure led me into the adventure of studying and practicing the art of photography, which I know I’ll continue for the rest of my life, because telling people’s stories in an honest and creative way is an objective that will never stop inspiring me. Since earning a BA in photo-journalism, I’ve worked as a freelance photojournalist, portrait photographer and wedding photographer, with photography exhibitions in Sydney, Barbados, and California. These days I’m focused solely on weddings and portraits and I’ve been honored to have my photography published in many of the leading wedding magazines and blogs. My photography is an intuitive mix of fine art photography and photojournalism. I like my images to have a natural and editorial feel to them, and I’m always drawn to beautiful light and those decisive moments that capture the connection between people and the joy within an event. I love to get to know whoever I’m photographing and get them relaxed in front of the camera by taking a casual approach, and avoiding anything that feels too posed. I’m open to any ideas you may have for your photo session, as I think good things always come from exploring new locations and perspectives. I shoot every wedding together with the amazing man I married 13 years ago. Gabe has been an artist since long before I met him. What began as a way to spend more time together, has grown into an strong and dynamic team. After almost decade of shooting weddings together, we know exactly how to compliment the way the other is shooting to capture a wide range of perspectives that help to tell the full story of a wedding day.

GABE // Gabe is a man of many skills, among the most impressive being his ability to make a groom’s tie look just right, taking pictures that make his wife jealous, making everyone crack up during the group portraits, and getting compliments from Grandma about his handsome good looks. I could not be luckier to have such a talented and kind partner to work with, and there is no one I would rather have beside me to document each wedding and then talk about all of the highlights of the day as we drive home together.