a thoughtful gift | custom collage | santa cruz newborn photographer

Personal, thoughtful gifts are always the best kind of gift, and I have always loved a photography gift for consistently fulfilling that criteria. I may be guilty of overdoing the photo gift in my own family, but for most, it’s an undeniably great gift. This was a commissioned piece for a deserving grandmother who adores her two grandchildren. She has one collage focusing on the older grandson, so now the newest grandson gets his own collage too.


kalantari-johnson family | portrait session | santa cruz newborn photographer

I have to say that this photo shoot is one of the best reasons for the existence of facebook, as facebook was responsible for reconnecting me with this college friend, which led to me meeting and photographing her beautiful family, which led to me to planning play dates together with her and her boys. I was honored to photograph the brand new life of sweet Shyon, (I love that name) and his big brother Darioush. The ambience in the home was perfect for a newborn shoot; it was cozy and calm, with Dad playing music on his ukulele, Mama nursing and Grandma playing with big brother. Shyon was way too excited about the photo shoot to absorb the vibe and let himself fall asleep. Every time we thought he was out, his bright eyes would pop wide open again, so eager to check out his new world. I’m always amazed the scent and feel of newborn skin, it has the power to switch off my rational brain and make me want another child, immediately. The highlight of the shoot came right at the end with Shyon’s grand peeing finale. H leaving mom soaked and all of us laughing.


the goodkinds | family portrait session | santa cruz family photographer

Since today is Thanksgiving I have to gush with some gratitude for my own amazing family…I love you infinity and beyond (as my son would say.) I would also like to give thanks for having families like this one to photograph. The Goodkinds were full of ideas and energy, game for anything, able to cope with the cold without losing their honest smiles, and all of them ridiculously good looking. This photo shoot was more than just good times with a great family, it was also a benefit for a good cause. I auctioned off one family portrait session to help raise money for my son’s school, and all along I was secretly hoping that  this family with the pertinent name would win, and they did! So thankful…



golden gate park | san francisco family photographer

I’m so in love with this gerber-perfect child and the awesome parents responsible for such cuteness. The last time I photographed her she was still a baby, but now at 17 months old, she was charging around and checking everything out with those big blue eyes that are just as insanely gorgeous as I remembered them. I have to admit that I was stressing out while driving up to Golden Gate Park in the rain, but by the time the family arrived the day had miraculously transformed into a beautiful fall morning. I’m glad we chose to start up at Stow Lake as I could tell she was impressed with the surrounding wildlife by the enthusiasm in her refrain, “duck! duck!” After the lake we moved down to the botanic gardens, and much later I finally forced myself to put the camera down.


sinclair & lazerwitz | san francisco children’s photographer

I loved getting to meet and photograph this family for the first time, and the sculpture garden at the de Young Museum in Golden Gate park was the ideal location for our session. Both kids had these glowing eyes and eager spirits, interested in exploring everything that the gardens had to offer. They were off and running from the start….and I just tried to keep up! Talia came right up to me and revealed her sweet spirit without any hesitation. The first photo here is the very first photo I took of her. Her brother Noah is equally sweet spirited, and even more curious. He was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome, (a communication and neurological disorder in which the he is nonverbal, has seizures, is cognitively impaired and has global development issues) so although he couldn’t speak or take direction, he really responded to all of the reflections and textures with such a sense of intrigue and joy, and of course speed! I was amazed by the graceful yet playful ways of both parents, they made the day flow so smoothly and feel so fun. I could definitely tell that this is one love-filled family.