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When my kids were still babies I used to pack them up in the car with my massive double stroller and go exploring through new neighborhoods all over town. On one of those adventures I discovered the most amazing and sunshine filled road that led up to beautiful views of the Santa Cruz mountains. I remember walking past this one particular property on that road and thinking what a magical place it would be to grow up there. Well it turns out I had the honor of photographing the family who live on that very property and honestly, between the the persimmon tree, the kind and carefree kids,┬áthe swings, the farm house, grandma’s cottage, the art, the views and the parents’ love, it was everything that I imagined…and then some.



  1. Tina Harden says:

    Beautiful job… this looks like an article in Martha Stewart magazine. This place is like something in a fairy tale and what a gorgeous family!

  2. tehya says:

    carlie! these are magical. truly. i really love the golden lighting on the indoor color shots! amazing. now if only they wanted to rent out the cottage! talk about a dreamy property. wow!

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